Pompette Wines: Has the Spirits of Harlem.

On April 28th 2015 at 4PM, Pompette wines opened its doors on 131st Street off of Lenox Ave.

Managing partner Mozel Watson, who was born and raised on Lenox Ave along with partner Jeffery Tilly, who used to sell wine to Mozel when he worked for a wine shop in Brooklyn, has opened a very customer friendly neighborhood wine shop that features small organic vineyards.KIMG1034

When I asked Mozel how he’s impacting the neighborhood, he said “educating Harlem about wine”. Mozel also told me that he feels a need to give back to the community, so he will soon be selling t-shirts in the shop to raise funds for local Harlem schools to buy computers, books, and help pay for local programs. On his recent collaboration with Harlem Shake, the “Wine and Burger Fest, he told me that “it was a lot of fun”, and “everyone learned from the wine pairings.”

KIMG1033Having ten years in the wine industry Mozel has the right idea on educating harlemites on the correct wine pairings with food. I asked Mozel what is his favorite wine in the shop and he told me, “Champagne overall” but prefers red wine due to its complexity.

KIMG1044The top three white wines he sells: 1) Balance, a South African Chenin Blanc (2014) for $12.00. 2) Vino/Sweet Wine from Italy which (“fly’s off the shelves”) at $17.00. 3) Passages a South African Chardonnay (2014) for $11.00.
The three top red wines: 1) Dolcemente (Cantina Gabrielle) a semi-sweet Cabernet Sauvignon & Cesanese (2014). 2) Oldenburg vineyards (2011) (Mozel’s personal favorite) South African Shiraz at $30.00. 3) Clos De La Cerisaie-Anjou Rouge from France, (2011) at a price point of $18.00.

High End Wines:
Chardonnay-Chateau Montelena (2012) $51.00
Cabernet Sauvignon (2011) $150.00
Stags Leap Chardonnay (2012) $50.00
Armand De Brignac Champagne (France) $300.00

Worthy Mention: STOBI Zilavka (2014) pronounced Zhi-luv-ka. $15.00 a (“dry white wine with a controlled origin”) from Tikves, Macedonia.
Pompette offers free delivery for a two bottle minimum (and the only wine shop in Harlem that delivers) from 3-8PM. Wine Tastings: Thurs-Sat from 6-8PM. In April Pompette will be having their one year anniversary wine tasting party. (Date:TBA).

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