Fashion: Fashion Trends for 2022.

2022’s Fashion trends are a little more unique than the last couple of years. This years Styles are quite interesting.

Mini skirt dresses:

Mini skirt dress.
Mini skirt dress.
Men’s stylish jackets:
Men’s accessories is a major 2022 trend, which includes jewelry and rig bags.
Men’s jewelry
Men’s Accessories

Another 2022 men’s wear trend is soft suits.

Soft Suits

Fashion: The Dominici Collective: Harlem Upscale Apparel.

On Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd, near 125th Street in Harlem there is a very unique upscale clothing store called the Dominici Collective. This creative clothing store opened in 2019 and weathered the storm of the pandemic lockdown…..doing it in style!

The Dominici Collective

The Dominici Collective is run and curated by Dominique Banks, who has created a stylish and cozy brick and mortar shop with a highly eclectic bend (think from street wear to haute contour) that is absolutely amazing.

This apparel and lifestyle brand offers contemporary streetwear as well as eclectic fashion hard to find anywhere in Harlem. In addition to the apparel the Dominici Collective also has barber service’s and is also a mini art gallery with works and pieces to stylishly adorn your home.

The Dominici Collective

This clothing store has literally something for everyone (including a close shave) and is located at: 2090 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd New York, NY.

So stop by and join the Collective!

FASHION: Small Boutique Fashion Week NYC: Season 19

Due to Pandemic mandates, Fashion Week has made the transition to Virtual platforms. However for Small Boutique Fashion Week, their show (will go on in person) was maybe the only “in person” fashion show in New York for February’s Fashion Week 2021.

Known for showcasing indie fashion designers, Small Boutique Fashion Week opens it’s 19th season. So with press pass in hand, we headed down to the Meat Packing District to cover the show. The main theme of course was Valentines day for one designer.

Small Boutique Fashion Week Exhibit
Small Boutique Fashion Week Exhibit
Small Boutique Fashion Week Exhibit
Small Boutique Fashion Week Exhibit
Small Boutique Fashion Week Exhibit 2021
Small Boutique Fashion Week Exhibit 2021
Small Boutique Fashion Week Exhibit 2021
Small Boutique Fashion Week Exhibit 2021

There was a few vendors at the exhibit. One of the most interesting was Autumn Nelson’s: Elan Lingerie.

Autumn Nelson
Elian Lingerie
Small Boutique Fashion Week Exhibit 2021
Willie Mitchell Designs

We will bring you coverage of the upcoming Fall Fashion Week 2021 which should be an event to behold.


On Saturday September 12th I attended one of the very few fashion week shows that you actually could go to in person, as almost every other fashion houses opted for digital runway shows. so late in the afternoon I find myself on Bleecker Street in NoHo.  SBFW’s Gallery fashion week show in it’s 18th season put on a show formatted in a….gallery.

20200921_003334The mostly press audience (including myself) remained in social distanced metrics as was the models (not on a runway) on a wide angled stepped stage platform, and changed positions seemingly at random.


While I did not know what the designers were going for, the individual style was intriguing and quite different.


Interesting street style was also part of the montage of styles moving around and up and down the platform Steps.

I was only able to catch the 2nd show from 4-6pm, but it was well worth it.

After the show I mingled a bit with some of the models and vendors, than I mounted my E-bike and took of on Bond Street. Time to find a good place to eat fin these “Strange Times”.

Fashion Frozen: Brick & Mortar Retail from Limbo to a Crawl.

From mid-March to mid-June 2020, all retail and restaurants (and most businesses) have been operating at low capacity (or not at all) due to the Covid-19 quarantine and social distancing laws. Retail fashion and jewelry retail businesses have been hit extremely hard (and their bottom line) financially.

Now in the midst of phase 2 and drifting towards phase 3, retail as well as restaurant operations are allowed to sell via curb-side pick ups, and restaurants can now have outside dining/seating that will generate much needed cash…….but is it enough to keep them afloat while riding out the pandemic?

The Black Lives Matter movement (and protests) compelled retail store fronts boarded up their windows and operated online (due to “smash & grab looting), creating a visage of New York looking like a ghost town.


Now that quarantine restrictions have been loosened a bit, retail/restaurants have started to remove the wood from their windows and store fronts, and consumers can now shop inside brick & mortar retail stores (a few at a time while wearing face masks) and can enjoy drinking and dining (at certain restaurants that have outdoor seating) outside at tables on the sidewalk or patios.

However due to some states in the U.S. rushed to open up businesses to early (ignoring safe metric guidelines for re-openings) which resulted in spikes in Covid-19 cases which can have a ripple effect on other states, and with summer 2020 in full swing, many are not wearing face masks nor observing social distancing measures. This could result in New York returning as a pandemic “Hot-Spot” which could result in another quarantine shut down.


Go safely everyone! (And Wear A Mask).

Integrating PPE and Fashion: The Future of Apparel’s “New Norm” in Fashion and Street Wear.

The second and most deadliest wave of the “Retail Apocalypse” is now (Covid-19 empowered) more than three times it’s former might, and has left a path of destruction so powerful that it toppled fashion giants and greats (either died or on life support) to such a degree that it changed the whole fashion landscape…….Forever!

2007026-994774850Leaving a whole niche (actually several) wide open for emerging fashion brands that reflect the times (Covid-19 times), and offer something of value to consumers. The CDC’s “recommendation” that all citizens out in public wear a face mask, or covering to prevent the spread (and now has become an essential outerwear item, much like men wearing hats in the 50’s and 60’s) as a preventive measure, boomed into a full blown fashion statement movement.

images (9)However a traumatized post Covid-19 world will require and demand a bit more. With the advent of Covid-19, 5G radiation, polluted air and water integrating PPE into fashion and everyday apparel makes sense, and in fact is starting now in it’s infancy (thanks to Covid-19).

Face mask’s made with copper is taking hold (due to it’s natural anti-viral/bacterial properties) is a perfect example of integrating Fashion & PPE. However in a post Covid-19 world, we must go further.

images (6)

Upstart ‘s for this type of Hostile/Climate/Environmental Protective “future clothing” are already springing up, such as this upper body protective “space suit” designed to be worn at sporting events and concerts.                                                                                  

Radiation shielding and Conductive Fabrics will be merged with stylish design to create a “New Norm” in how with wear and perceive fashion that is protective for the wearer, while setting new trends in sustainability and protection in fashion street wear.


Fashion in Quarantine: The State of Fashion in Covid-19 Times.

In mid March 2020 the Covid-19 pandemic caused a “New York on Pause” Shelter in Place, Social distancing between 1 and a half to 2-meters and everyone must wear a mask unfamiliar world. Businesses had to close (except essential ones, like food and medicine) over 3 million New Yorkers became unemployed, and major fashion retail chains either filed for bankruptcy or closed for good completely.

images (1)

The Corona pandemic has plunged the global economy into a recessive contraction not seen since World War II. Every sector of industry have suffered, especially fashion. Between January and March 2020 fashion, luxury items and apparel have fell roughly 40% and is predicted to shrink further due to millions of job losses and economic hardship for consumers. Domestic and global fashion companies have begun to go bankrupt, with more expected in the coming months.

With little or no disposable cash, consumers concentrate spending on the “essentials” furthers the fashion industries woes. According to a Mckinsey & Company report: “Even online sales have declined 15 to 25 percent in China, 5 to 20 percent across Europe, and 30 to 40 percent in the United States.”

masks_pfwConsumers are rapidly shifting from “fast fashion” to a more “purpose driven, sustainable action” and transparency in their “quarantine of consumption”. Some of these shifts could include a more digital presence (which is already happening), the decline of wholesale and a switch to “seasonless design” releases.

Established fashion brands as well as emerging designers has dived deeply into mask making to donate to front-line workers (to stay relevant) or to sell online to raise much needed revenue to stay afloat (as well as plugging their brands), as they wait for the dust to settle from the Covid-19 crisis. Influencers are left with no direction and sensing their decline (or even their extinction) in a post Covid-19 world.

What will be the state of the fashion landscape look like after Covid-19 times?

Your guess is as good as mine. For now we have no choice but to wait, watch and see.


West New York Fashion Week.

On February 4th 2020 the Elegant Classy Gentleman Magazine was invited to the West New York Fashion Week Show at Studio 122 on W 26th Street NY, New York. So we went to see this “Showcase” of International Designers:



20200206_222520We were welcomed warmly, however we were there for the fashion.

20200206_222006(Mike Strange, Jean Germain, Jessica Phillip)

20200206_222332Exciting expressions these designers had in their designs.


20200229_220602The show was just so “Sexy” and expressive, I had to check in with the resident fashionista’s and see how they embody their styles.

20200229_110127Like I said…….it was SEXY!

20200227_230305(Jessica Phillip, Mike Strange)


Till next time……..well see you on the runway.



Editor in Chief: Mike Strange

Logistical Executive: Jean Germain

Business/Marketing Executive : Jessica Phillip

West New York Fashion Week.






PROJECT New York: Global Menswear Trade Show. Jacob Javits Center.

On January 21st 2020 Jean Germain  and I caught the last day of PROJECT NEW YORK, at the Javits Center in Manhattan. A three day menswear trade show which showcased a plethora of men’s wear brands from around the world, and spanned hundreds of thousands of square feet at the Jacobs Javits Center.

20200129_165815A haven/heaven for Elegant Classy Gentleman (such as ourselves) with everything from men’s designer suits to shoes, ties vests, overcoats/sports jackets/belts/sweaters/dress shirts, you name it from around the globe!

20200129_170621Jean and I got there a bit late, and could only peruse a small faction of what this mega menswear trade show had to offer. We soon found ourselves dodging forklifts with hundreds of pounds of men’s clothes in crates.

20200129_170238But not before we saw what was left on the showroom floor! And even that tiny faction we got to see was brilliantly impressive.




20200129_170849The Project Menswear trade show will return to New York in July 2020 from 19th-21st. Jean and I will be there! and this time we will get there early for optimum coverage of this Mega Men’s clothing event. They will be in Las Vegas in February and August, and Tokyo in March and September.

We’ll see you then.



Mike Strange: Editor in Chief

Jean Germain: Logistical Executive

Jessica Phillp: Business/Marketing Executive

Photo credit: Jean Germain

Wrist wear: courtesy of Justice by Justine Jewelry

Jacob Javits Center

Project New York