Harlem Fashion Week: Children’s Runway Show

This year The Elegant Classy Gentleman Team had the opportunity to cover the Harlem fashion week children’s runway fashion show on Feb 16th 2019. The five designers showcased: Button’s Tutus & Treasures/Justice By Justine/London’s Pink Apparel/ BowTai NYC, and Ambrosia Jeen.






Once again Harlem Fashion Week was held at the Museum of the City of New York on 5th Ave. These young fashion entrepreneurs strut down the runway and show the world their stylish fresh ideas, and forward fashion.


20190216_152828(13 year old entrepreneur Justine Phillip: Justice By Justine Jewelry)









Let’s give a hand to these future black leaders of the fashion world. And let us remember to support our young black designers.


Mike Strange: Editor-in-Chief

Photos: Mike Strange

Jessica Phillip/Justine Phillip: Justice By Justine

Is 2019 The Year of High Fashion Racism: Are the Big Fashion Houses Involved in a Racist Collusion Campaign?

It seemed to have started in December 2018. Prada’s store front window presented a very offensive display of “Sambo” caricatures figurines and key-chains which cannot be looked upon as anything but Racist! After the social media and public backlash Prada removed the items for the store front window displays and issued an apology to the public.

Next we have Katy Perry’s shoe line which is very clearly an “Black Face” image, and very clearly make a Racist statement if nothing else!


And then we have Gucci’s baklava knit top. A turtleneck sweater which covers the face up to the nose with a cut out for the lips which is surrounded with cartoon red lips! Now the creative fashion director for this item must have been AL JOLSON, or maybe just a Jim Crow era broad of directors.


And for Fashion Week we had the Burberry’s hoodie with the Noose string tie’s gliding down the catwalk. They apologized as well and removed it from their inventory line. But they tried to spin it (and “tie it”) around suicide, when it was clearly about lynching.  You just can’t do these sort of things when it’s quite clear you know what you are doing, and think that people of color will just say “OK, let’s forget about it because we just didn’t know any better!


Now let’s think for a minute. All of these blatantly  racist articles of apparel from some of the biggest fashion houses in the world just put these racially insensitive items out around the same time, or right after the other is mere coincidence?

Is this the High Fashion Alt-Right trying to convey some sort of message? Did some of the biggest fashion houses hold a secret convocation beforehand and decide that they would collectively make a statement to the world (and to people of color)?

beyoncecoonchicken(Beyoncé’s “Sambo” coat)

Was this some sort of overt/convert “Dog whistle” from the high fashion world? This definitely is something we must consider and take a closer look at, as it just seems so coordinated and planned when being observed in hindsight.

pradamalia_2It seems strange that the reason they all gave after their apologies from the public backlash was ignorance, yes ignorance and racist! Now are they really that stupid, or do they just think that we are?




The Evolution of Black History Week to Black History Month.

Growing up many African-Americans kids (and Adults) celebrate Black History Month by writing essays on the contributions of blacks in American History. But to my amazement many do not know the history of Black History Month, and how it evolved from Black History Week to Black history month.


It all started when a Harvard educated black historian Carter G. Woodson, founded (ASNLH) the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History created and announced in 1925 Negro History Week, which was first celebrated in the week of February 1926 that coincided with the birthdays of Frederick Douglas and Abraham Lincoln.


The event concept took off in schools, black history clubs, and was endorsed by white progressive philanthropists and scholars across the nation. 24 years later in 1950 Carter G. Woodson died, but his legacy, Negro History Week lived on and grew to become nationally recognized by black Americans and others.


In 1976 Americas bicentennial, President Gerald R. Ford expanded the black celebratory event to a whole month and told Americans “seize the opportunity to honor the too-often neglected accomplishments of black Americans in every area of endeavor throughout our history.” From then on every American President has declared the month of February as Black History Month. In addition, Canada, United Kingdom as well as other countries designate a whole month to Black History.


Every year Black History Month is designated a theme. The theme for 2019 is: Black Migrations. Know your history of the history.


FiFi Fashion Week: Independent Designers Fashion Show.


20190218_180710(FiFi Fashion Show Organizer Sofia Davis)

The Elegant Classy Gentleman Magazine is a huge supporter of independent fashion designers, and this year the FiFi Fashion Week show was one of the best that we covered! This show was Elegant, lively, and stylish. The energy of the models and the smashing independent designers brought new life to fashion week already being rumored to be on life support. The FiFi Fashion Week Independent Designers Fashion Show was all that, and I must say it was most entertaining!


Designer Erena Chebes opened up the show with a “Fashion Spectacle”, and the flair and pomp of 16-17th aristocracy, with elegant violin playing escorts and court jester out in front!










20190218_183025(Designer: Erena Chebes)

Designer Erena Chebes brought the elegance and class of yesteryear, with a modern bend to Fashion week. Bravo Erena!

























Designer Candy Rock Couture put the “Show” in Fashion Show as they Rocked the runway with colorful style and enthusiastic showmanship.





In Attendance at the show was stylish fashionistas, designers, press and a ton of fashionable energy.

20190215_174224(Press Shot: Photo Journalist Cecilia Rod & Mike Strange)

20190218_212505(Custom Men’s Wear Designer: Kevin Shahrooi)

Men’s wear designer Kevin Shahrooi wearing one of his Cashmere and Leather overcoat creations.


Editor-in-Chief: Mike Strange/Elegant Classy Gentleman Magazine



World Fashion Media News: Cecilia Rod/Photo Journalist

Kevin Shahroozi: CEO/Design Director/Kevin Shahrooi Designs





SBFW Fashion Week Show: At the Fashion Mansion.


On February 9th 2019 The Elegant Classy Gentleman Team was invited to SBFW fashion week season 15, for fashion week press coverage of their event at the Harold Pratt House Mansion on 68th and Park Ave in Manhattan.

20190209_171037(Les Tout Petits)

Les Tout Petits by designer Lois Letzt, specializes in exclusive designer girls children clothes.



So many designers were showcased at this fashion show, it was a bit hard to keep up. The designer line up  included: Angel T Apparel, Yasminings , CGC Apparel, Saint Ondres, UDS Clothing, King Arise Clothing, Majestic Clothing, 360Vintage, Sam The Label, L.N.Drew, Omari’s Closet, Robert Greco Couture, Claudine Gordon, Isabelle Larue, IRoyalty , Chic’s4All, Anca Design, Entldid , Zavaal, 424 Fashionz, II Kute iv Boutique, Belissimo Apparel, MCKENXIE, Rise Visions Clothing, Model Haven Boutique ,Ryan Lamar Designs , Mad Luxury , Maddy Lo, Poncho Palace, Tiffany Brown Designs , Different Society Clothing, and Project Fashion.




20190209_172544(Designer: Original Crackage)



p2(Photos by: Natasha Swartz)

During the SBFW fashion show intermission, The Elegant Classy Gentleman team mingled with the guests. designers, models and vendor brand ambassadors much to our delight!

(Photos by Natasha Swartz)

p1(Natasha Swartz & Mike Strange)

IMG_1197(Mike Strange & Cynthia Vargas)

p19(Photos by: Natasha Swartz)



p22(Photos By Natasha Swartz)

The Elegant Classy Gentleman team would like to thank The 1 Wine and Classic New York Beer for their outstanding beverages and outstanding hospitality!

Please join us next time as we continue to give you coverage of the hottest fashion showcases in New York.

Credits: Photos by: Natasha Swartz & Mike Strange

The Elegant Classy Gentleman Magazine Team:

p20(Mike Strange: Editor In Chief)

thumbnail(Natasha Swartz: Principle Photographer) @Natasha_photostudio

thumbnail 2(Cynthia Vargas: Special Assistant to the Elegant Classy Gentleman Magazine)



FTM Fashion Week Showcase 2019


On February 8th The Elegant Classy Gentleman Magazine was invited to cover the 2019 FTM Fashion Week NYC Showcase at the Skyline Hotel in Hell’s Kitchen. The Designer line up included collections from Home Made Runway, London Pink Apparel, At Once Designs, Diva Bigg and Figure8.

Final Touch Models


20190211_224258(Proceed with Caution)

20190211_224854(London Pink Apparel)

(At Once Designs)



(At Once Designs)






(Family 1st)


Returning for the 2019 Fashion Week is the Elegant Classy Gentleman Magazine designer favorite Diva Bigg! We caught her last year at the Harlem Fashion Week show at the City Museum of New York, where she upstaged almost all the other designers, with her Bold and Bigg designs.


(Diva Bigg  Designs)





At the very end of her design line up, Diva Bigg announced that she will be doing a show in Paris as well as other locations in the U.S. Congratulations to her, and we will keep you posted on her brand as info comes in.

(Diva Bigg Designs)


Stay tuned for more 2019 Fashion Week covarge from the Elegant Classy Gentleman Magazine team!



Credits: Photos by Mike Strange

Editor in Chief: Mike Strange


Logistical Executive: Jean Germain

Business/Marketing Executive: Jessica Phillip

Principal Photography: Natasha Swartz









Five Valentine Gift Ideas a Gentleman Would Love.


Galileo Thermometer

This liquid thermometer is based on the scientific principal discovered by Galileo. As the liquids in the cylinder contract slightly at higher temperatures, the spheres of slightly different weights rise; as the liquids cool, the spheres drop. And they come in about three different sizes. $19.95-$35.00 depending on size.


Charging Station

These come in many shapes, colors and styles with prices ranging from $19.00-$55.00. Shop around to find the one that suits your man’s personality.


Lighter Cuff Links

Is your special man a James Bond kind of guy? Well then these lighter cuff link would be just the thing that he would love! These gadget cuff links range from $60.00-$80.00, maybe a bit more as they seem to be in limited supply.

61BfbZMElUL._SY355_Multi-Function Tool pen

Here is another gadget gift for the Tony Stark guy you’re dating. Prices range from $12.00-$14.00. Inexpensive Stylish and Useful. He’ll love it!

61AP7KgVxEL._SL1200_Foldable Silicon Waterproof USB Wired Keyboard

For your guy who is the traveling geek, this portable keyboard would be just the thing. You can get it on Amazon for about $14.00-$16.00.


Have the gentleman in your life thinking about and loving you for gifted him a cool and useful gadget!

Justice by Justine Jewelry: The Perfect Gift for Him or Her This Valentine’s Day.

I usually limit my male jewelry to one or two rings, a watch and maybe sometimes a masculine necklace or pendent. I never used to wear “boy beads” until Jessica Phillips (owner and creator) of Justice by Justine introduced me to her hand made unisex bracelets. img_77421

While some are unisex, others are more masculine or feminine.

Each piece is custom and made by hand using the finest beads and semi-precious stones, such as Lapis Lazuli and Tigers Eye.

Justice by Justine jewelry also makes custom bracelets made to order with a wide variety of charms, colors and styles for a more personalized fashionable wrist wear look.

I don’t always wear man bead bracelets, but when I do, it’s by Justice by Justine!

Treat your sweetheart (or yourself) this Valentine’s Day with a fashionable hand-crafted bracelet by Justice By Justine Jewelry!


You can order by visiting their website: WWW.JBJLIFE.COM or you can direct message them to order on their Facebook Page: Justice by Justine Jewelry or by Email: JUSTICEBYJUSTINE@GMAIL.COM

Visa/MasterCard Credit/Debit Cards accepted.

The Tragedy of Seneca Village: Middle Class Afro-American Owned Community Destroyed to Build Central Park.

The time was 1825, and the place was a New York farmland located between 83rd to 89th Streets and Seventh and Eighth Avenues, and what is now known as the Upper West Side.  John and Elizabeth Whitehead (go figure) decided to put their property of five (very long) blocks and two avenues long farmland on the market for sale.


The first person to buy a lot (actually three lots) of the property for a house was a 25-year-old boot polisher who purchased the three lots for $125.00. His name was Andrew Williams, the first African-American landowner in New York of what would be later called Seneca Village. Not even a day later 12 lots was purchased by an African-American man for $578.00, and in just over a week six lots were purchased by the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church.

Thus began the creation of Seneca Village, a community of free black slave middle class home and land owners, that the press in New York at that time (The New York Tribune & The Sun) in the 1800’s called “Nigger Village” despite that the fact that some white Irish and German immigrants settled there as well. German and Irish immigrants at the time was frowned down on and treated little better than freed blacks. While the village was mostly black, the few white residents lived in harmony with the free slaves of Seneca and they shared all of their resources with each other; which included a church, an Irish midwife that delivered babies for the whole town, and Colored School #3 that was in the basement of the church.


By 1855 according to the census, Seneca Village was home to over 250 people with a total of 70 houses. Owning a house in Seneca Village meant more to African-American men when New York State in 1821 mandated that black men would be eligible to vote only if they lived in New York for three years, and own at least $250.00 in property. In 1855 there was 2,000 African-Americans in New York and only 100 out of them was eligible to vote, of those 100 only 10 lived in Seneca Village. 50% of African Americans living in Seneca Village owned their own land, which was 5 times the average ownership rate of the whole of New York residents.

This thriving African-American village created the first middle class of black New Yorker’s, but after only some 32 years it became doomed as New York legislature used eminent domain to take over 800 acres to build Central Park and by 1857 Seneca Village and over 1,600 other people was evicted and the Village destroyed.

The Tragedy of this historic and important community was forgotten for over a century, until a book in 1992 published by Roy Rosenzweig and Elizabeth Blackmar: “The Park and the People”: A History of Central Park, and in 1997 The New York Historical Society opened an exhibition of the history of the village for Black History month in 2001, while the city erected a plaque as a memorial to the tragic village on 85th Street and Central Park West by the entrance of Mariners Gate.


All of this led to the creation of the “The Seneca Village Project” which led to an excavation of the village in 2011 where artifacts of the former village were dug up. Forgotten no more in 1998 The Institute for the Exploration of Seneca Village History was created led by archaeologists and scholars has resurrected the memory of this once great African-American middle class community!


Imagine if that great village was allowed to exist to the present day! Would the Upper West Side be much different from it is now? You bet! Think of an affluent black neighborhood between 85th and 89th Street on seventh and Eighth Avenues!

Let us never forget Seneca village!