Harlem Fashion Week: Fashion for Everyone.

This falls Harlem fashion week 2018 held at the Museum of the City of New York, was full of uptown fashion, great styles, and beautiful Full Figured Models showing off designer Diva Bigg, (@divabigg on instagram) fashion collection which overshadowed the others and stole the show, proving that Style and Fashion is for everyone regardless of age, sex, body size, skin color, or ANYTHING!

(Large and in Charge on the runway)

(These models and styles are a big deal)

(Full Figured High Fashion)


(Diva Bigg with one of her beautiful models)


(Photos by Jessica Phillip) 42677592_10217399067266141_5908588227094118400_n

(Jean German & Mike Strange patronizing the vendors)



Editor in Chief: Mike Strange

Logistical Executive: Jean Germain

Business/Market Executive: Jessica Phillip

Museum of the City of New York

Harlem Fashion Week Staff